News story confirming CBN freezing Fintech Startup Accounts in Nigeria

Last night, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) said it secured court orders to freeze the bank accounts of some investment Fintech Startups including RiseVest, Bamboo, Chaka, and Trove in violation of the extant laws and regulations, particularly the Foreign Exchange (Monitoring and Miscellaneous Provisions) Act and the Central Bank of Nigeria foreign exchange manual.

This came barely 24 hours after the National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) Amendment Bill was announced. A bill with ridiculous amendments aimed at stifling Fintech operators through ridiculous levies and rules.

What they fail to realise is that the more the CBN damages investor…

4 Ps of Marketing

Dear Brands advertising on #BBNaija this year, yes just like Super Bowl, the show would give the desired brand awareness to an average of 350 Million viewers across Africa.

But Big Brother Naija won’t fix the remaining 3 Ps of Marketing for you, the first being 📍PROMOTION.

1. 📍PRODUCT: Ensure your product is market-ready & can serve millions of people at the same time. If it’s an App, fix all the bugs in it. If it's a commodity, ensure that it’s not a substandard product. Reminds me of a brand on the show some years ago advertising an online fashion…

My Top 10 #Fintech Apps in Nigeria

There’s no gainsaying the fact that FinTech (Financial Technology) is becoming the biggest sector in the world and I’m not surprised that Nigeria is not left behind, at least this time around. 👏🏼

The sector has received more funding (otherwise called Venture Capital) than any other sector in Nigeria and they’ve been driving real change and growth of the economy.

My top 10 🚀 #FinTech Apps in 🇳🇬(In no particular order & based on personal experience):

1. Carbon: Collateral-free quick loans, SME loans and I heard they are bundling more services like retail…

Why you should become a T-shaped Marketer

If you work in Marketing and have never heard of the phrase “T-shaped Marketer”, then you might need to come enroll for a Marketing 101 class. I charge shikili money, anyways. 😊

I know the next question on your mind right now is, what or who is a T-shaped Marketer?

Let me try and explain in simple terms. 📝

A T-shaped marketer is someone who has a broad marketing knowledge in multiple marketing channels including SEO, copy writing, social media marketing, PPC Ads, email marketing, SMS marketing, Analytics, Google Search and Display Ads…

Few weeks ago, I stumbled on a tweet where the poster mentioned that their email marketing campaigns are ending up in Spam and Promotion folders. The poster further went to seek for help in increasing the number of their email campaigns that will go to inbox instead.

Few days ago, I was reading a book titled “The Sixteen Monumental Secrets of Guerrilla Marketing” authored by Jay Conrad Levinson, an American Advertising Executive who is also considered the founder and forerunner of Guerrilla Marketing.

One of the secrets he shared grabbed my attention, which is “Consider Marketing as Conservative Investments”. He further went on to relate marketing to buying a blue-chip stock. If the value of the stock drops after few weeks of purchase, you definitely won’t sell them off but rather hold on to them till the stocks mature before you decide to sell them.

Twitter is considering a subscription based model…

According to CNN, in order to increase their dropping Ads revenue, Twitter is considering a subscription based model where users would have to pay to use the platform.

This sparked a lot of conversations on Twitter. Here is my take on this proposed model from Twitter.

To make it easier to read and follow, I will make my points in bullets:

  • Ads. revenue is not dropping. The fact is that Twitter is not making as much as they’d projected from paid Ads.
  • Brands would rather direct their budget towards influencer marketing with real…

Adewale Adetona

Marketing & Strategic Communications Expert | Brand Management | Convener, #LagosDigitalSummit & #ProjectHumanityNG

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